best dog bike trailersWhile walking your dog often increases its strength and intelligence, you wouldn’t want to over stress your dog always. Perhaps you may sometimes want to ride on a bike and it becomes necessary to go with the company of your dog. Having the best dog bike trailers will just be great for such instances.

It may sometimes sound weird to some dog owners mentioning about getting a dog trailers or strollers – after all, it’s just a dog. But trust me, it will surely make sense when you begin to enjoy the feel of having one.

Dog bike trailers are not new, they have been around for a long time, but just only few have had the opportunity to learn about them and have been enjoying it. There is hardly any detailed buying guide and reviews online to guide you before making purchases. In this article, we will be reviewing the best dog trailers in the market to help you make the right choice.

Our Recommendation And Review Of The Best Dog Trailers Available

We have taken out time to select the best dog bike trailers in the market. Our picks are unbiased and based on carefully selection and customer’s feedback. We don’t have any affiliation with these companies. We will also consider price and quality of the material used which is one of the factors of longevity. We will also highlight some of the pros and cons associated with each products as provided by customer’s review. In no definite order, we will review the following dog bike trailers.

Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer

Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike TrailerOne thing you should always watch out for in a dog trailer is stability. The best choice 2-in1 pet dog bike trailer got it right here. A dual purpose product serving both as a trailer and a dog stroller. All you will need do is remove the front tyre and you have a trailer. The trailer is lightweight, yet super sturdy and large enough to accommodate large dogs up to 66 pounds of weight.

It features a 2-in-1 bug-screen canopy made from water resistant material which acts as a shed from sun and rain. The safety of your pet is paramount, so the BCP 2-in-1 trailer got a hand brake system to put your bike stationary when not in motion. It also have a safety flag positioned for visibility while in traffic – though it’s detachable since everyone may not like the idea.

Overall, the entire structure is made from quality steel frame and polyester water resistant fabrics.


  • Safety flags for traffic safety precaution
  • 2 in 1 products that acts as a stroller and a dog bike trailer
  • Lightweight material yet sturdy construction
  • Cheap, affordable 2 in 1 product
  • Top cover to serve as protection against sun and sudden rain
  • Presence of hand brake to keep it stationary when not in motion


  • Wheels are not too strong to accommodate heavy dogs.
  • Only one red color option available

PetEgo Comfort Wagon Dog Bike Trailer

PetEgo Comfort Wagon Dog Bike TrailerThis is one of the most expensive dog bike trailers we reviewed on our website. For a trailer priced so high, you really can’t expect anything less. The trailer boasts of its Italian design from Emanuele Bianchi. The inner cart is large enough to accommodate large pet. It measures 35″L x 26″W x 24″H. Designed from high quality mesh which is paw proof – so you can be rest assured of longevity. Although the product comes as a trailer only unlike some dual-trailers which functions also as a pet stroller, there’s an option to purchase their Comfort Wagon Stroller Kit to enjoy the stroller feature.

The frame is made from aluminum which contributes to its sturdiness and lightweight. One thing we love from the petego comfort wagon dog bike trailer is the fact that it can be converted to a dog house by simply removing the tyres. The petego comfort wagon is stable and gives a smooth ride over large walk way bumps and cracks. This is credited to its awesome suspension system.

Although there are no much bells and whistles, but this is really a super quality bicycle trailer if you have such budget.


  • Designed with lightweight aluminum frame
  • Paw proof mesh material
  • Comes with an option for easy conversion into a pet stroller
  • Can be used as a pet house by simply removing the tyres
  • Large size to accommodate large dogs


  • Really an expensive trailer
  • The manual isn’t detailed, so you will have to figure it out yourself during assembling
  • Only one color option to choose from

Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer

Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle TrailerSolvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer is a large capacity type capable of accommodating pets up to 110lbs. made from rust proof aluminum frame and high quality mesh material, the solvit trailer is lightweight. The design is amazing as it features a rear door with mesh screen and a front door with waterproof layer and a mesh screen layer for visibility.

If you love to have a product that won’t occupy space, then this will be the right option for you. The trailer is easy to assemble and disassemble and folded for storage when not in use.

Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer is available in medium and large sizes with an option to choose the type of frame (Aluminum or steel) and of course, this will depend on your choice of color and your budget since they are priced slightly differently.

The sizes available are:

Medium Aluminium frame: 26 x 25 x 17 inches

Large Aluminium frame: 33 x 33 x 22 inches

Medium Steel Frame: 17 x 20 x 26 inches

Large Steel Frame: 22 x 26 x 33 inches


  • Range of choices to choose from: colors, size and frame material
  • Large size hold up to 110lbs weight
  • Constructed from rugged 600d polyester with waterproof floorboard
  • Easy assembling
  • Foldable dog bicycle trailer
  • Adjustable leash to keep your dog secured while cycling


  • No option to convert it into a dog stroller
  • The zipper needs to be upgraded to a better quality

DoggyRide Novel10 Anniversary Bike Trailer

DoggyRide Novel10 Anniversary Bike TrailerThis is another expensive trailer that could compete with the petego comfort wagon dog bike trailer. It features an awesome and sturdy design made from quality materials. The frame is made from anti-rust aluminum frame. The design ensures that your pet gets adequate ventilation with sufficient openings. The top features a roof rack where you can place other camping gears needed for your trip.

This is a super trailer released to mark their 10th year anniversary – and it hence comes with a free luxury pet mat: made of dense 2″ foam, and memory foam top layer. You can easily remove for washing. The whole trailer folds easily just with the release of a single pin for storage. Great option for pet owners with limited space in their home.

We won’t forget to mention that it could be converted to a crate or tent by adjusting its removable back legs to aid stability.

Overall, the DoggyRide Bike Trailer got all it takes to give your dog the best adventure you could ever imagine. Even though its price is on a high side, you can be rest assured of quality.


  • Comes with a free luxury pet mat
  • Can be easily converted to a dog crate or tent
  • Easy to assemble anytime once you get it the first time
  • Stable ride even along the toughest bumps and cracks
  • Sturdy design with high quality anti-rust aluminum frame and spokes
  • Fordable trailer to make room for space in the home and for proper storage
  • Sufficient openings for ventilation


  • Quite too expensive
  • Only one color and size option
  • Instructions are not clear about how to mount it, a bit of technical knowledge will be required

Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer, Orange

Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer, OrangeSchwinn is one of the top manufacturer of biking equipment and they have been doing great in their designs. This certainly isn’t exceptional. Hundreds of customers can’t be wrong about this. The Schwinn rascal dog bike trailer is a fordable type which can be packed up when folded for storage. This is made possible by its adjustable wheels. The frames and supports are constructed form high end metal steel which contributes to its sturdiness.

This is an option for small pet since it has a capacity of not more than 50lbs. so this is not for the heavy dogs and one of the cheapest dog bike trailers out there.

It features a rear opening for easy in and out access for your pet. All sides of the trailer is well ventilated with a transparent mesh. Whether you using it for dogs or cats, the Schwinn rascal pet trailer got you covered.


  • Affordable dog trailers with quality maintained
  • Adequate openings for ventilation
  • Sturdy construction credited to the metal steel frame and aluminum rim
  • Trailer liner with non-slip surface provides a comfortable ride


  • Just only one color available
  • Only one size available

InStep Quick Double Bicycle Trailer

InStep Quick Double Bicycle TrailerIf you are looking for a multi-purpose dog bike trailers that will serve as a trailer for your bicycle and also serve as dog stroller, then you have got it right with the Instep Quick double bike trailer. It features two rear tyres and a front tyre making it convertible into a dog stroller.

The design is simple and assembling is easy and quick. It could easily be folded for storage and transportation. The canopy features a double shield so you could either choose between the bug screen or weather shield, otherwise, you can leave it solely opened for ventilation.

We love the fact that you could choose from three color option: Green, Orange and Teal. Capacity is reasonable, despite its appearance, the trailer is capable of accommodating a pet weighing up to 80lbs.


  • Can also be used both as a pet trailer and a stroller
  • Adequate openings for ventilation
  • Affordable dog trailers with quality maintained
  • 3 color options to choose from
  • Strong and durable, recommended for rugged terrain
  • Lots of opening for ventilation


  • No size options to choose from
  • Instructions are not clear about how to mount it, a bit of technical knowledge will be required at first

Burley Tail Wagon

Burley Tail WagonBurley tail waggon is an expensive and luxurious dog bike trailer you could ever imagine. It features a detachable floor which is claw proof and easy to wash off stains. Unlike most 2-in1 dog bike trailer and stroller, the burley tail wagon is designed with four tyres while using as a stroller and two tyres as a bike trailer.

Can easily be folded flat by releasing the 16 inches alloy rear wheel. Great options for pet owners with limited space in their homes. All sides of the stroller are well covered with waterproof zippers and heavy-duty mesh cover, this ensures the inner cabin is well ventilated. The capacity is rated 75lbs, so you would want to consider the weight of your pet before purchasing.


  • 2-in-1 product can also be used both as a pet trailer and a stroller
  • Removable floor for easy washing
  • Four tyres system for stability
  • Strong and durable, recommended for rugged terrain
  • Lots of opening for ventilation
  • Quality material selection
  • Stable ride even along the toughest bumps and cracks


  • Very expensive product, but will be a nice invest for people with available budget
  • Only one color option
  • Weight capacity not large enough for heavier dogs for such a price

The verdict

We have taken out time to select some of the best dog bike trailers in the market. Based on thorough research, every product reviewed on this page are worth the investment, even though we can’t get a perfect one. From all dog bike trailers we reviewed here, we decided to pick the DoggyRide Novel Dog Bike Trailer. On amazon store, the trailer has had 64 customer’s feedback on the product and most of them are satisfied with the product. One of the happy customers writes:

Amazing product and company. Stroller is perfectly designed and expertly manufactured. Maneuvers effortlessly despite the weight of the dog. Company support representatives are promptly accessible and responsive. Could not wish for a better product or companyNona J. S (Amazon shopper)

We are sure you found our article helpful in making a choice. If you have any question or enquires, perhaps personal recommendation from experience using any of such product, feel free to leave us a message, we would love to hear from you.

What to look out for in a dog bike trailer before buying

Material used: you will need to watch out for materials used for design. Most top rated dog trailer bikes use steel and aluminum for designing the frames and tyre spokes. These are cool materials as it contributes to lightweight and sturdiness.

Size of the Trailer: while some products have just only one large size, some products are available in small, medium and large. You would want to know the size and weight of your pet first before considering what will be best. Generally, it’s advisable to go for one with sufficient space within the cabin. When it comes to size, you also need to consider the possibility of folding the bike. So it doesn’t matter how large it could be, if it’s fordable, then it’s a great option.

Material of the floor: pets got sharp claws. Pick a dog trailer with inferior material and you will get it turn on your first trip. Always make sure you watch out for the materials used for flooring. Most seller will always make mention of the durability of the flooring material. So the floor must be claw poof. We also love trailers with detachable option for easy cleaning.


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