best Dog no pulling leashThere will always be a reason to desperately search for the best dog leash for pulling especially if you own an exciting dog.

So many dog owners are faced with the challenge of controlling their dog while taking them for a walk. They often love to hop, jump, run around, either they are excited by something or trying to trace their smell. This is what actually makes them lovable after all.

While it is necessary to allow them have a feel of their emotions, it will be paramount to consider their safety. Taking this into consideration, an investment in the best no pull dog leash will be one of the best you would ever have for your lovable pet. You wouldn’t need just any leash – you don’t want to be pulled all over the street by your dog especially those with relatively large dogs. There are specially designed no pull dog leash for this purpose.

It can sometimes be confusing making choice on the best dog leash for pulling suitable for you dog especially if you have never bought or owned one before. There are a whole lots of leashes out there and in this article, we have selected and reviewed some of the best leash.

Different Types Of Anti-pull Harness Available

Front Attachment Harness: This harness is mostly common with dog owners. It has the leash attached to the front of the dog’s chest, in the middle to be precisely. This harness is effective in applying a no pull effect on your dog. Basically, it causes a sideways pull back force on your dog giving it a signal to stop pulling. So they tilt away from the attraction rather than going forward. Your dog will soon understand that they only get to move forward if they stop pulling after much experience of such pull back. However, there is a downside using the front attachment harness – it’s not a right choice of harness when running or jogging with a dog. There are chances of the strap getting tangled which is dangerous for you and the dog. For such exercise, it’s recommended to go for a back attachment harness instead.

Back Attachment Harness: As the name implies, the harness provides an attachment for a leash just at the back of the dog, between the shoulders. Most dog owners who have had experiences using such harness do not recommend such harness for dogs who loves pulling. Typically, dogs loves to oppose a pullback force from behind – it excites them, so they will pull more thereby defeating the purpose of the harness. Constant use of this type of harness will cause neck pains on your dog. On the contrary, it is great for running and jogging, but with dogs who do not constantly pull.

Head Collar Leashes: head collar leashes are also popular among dog owners. This type of collar is attached directly on the dog’s head. It is designed in such a way that it wouldn’t slip off. It provides an attachment for a harness to be locked just under the chin. A collar harness applies a pullback force on the head causing the head to tilt towards you thereby sending a signal to stop pulling. The problem with this type of harness is that it can cause strain on your dog’s neck especially for strong pullers. Your dog will have to get trained to use this before hitting the road. Alternatively, we recommend using shorter leash for this.

Review Of The Best Dog Leash For Pulling

PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar with Training DVD

PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar with Training DVDPetSafe brand, a leader in the pet manufacturing product since 1991 offers a simple yet effective head collar for controlling your dog during walking. It’s a wise choice for having full control over your dog and controlling unwanted behaviour like lunging, jumping and barking. It’s simple to use and even at that, it comes with a training DVD detailing all you will need to know in other to have a stress free experience using it.

There are wide range of choice to choose from based on the size of your dog’s weight. The sizes available are categorized into: PETITE UNDER 5 LBS. | SMALL UP TO 25 LBS. MEDIUM 25-60 LBS. | LARGE 60-130 LBS | EXTRA LARGE 130+LBS.

If you would also love to make choice based on color, then you’ve got it right with the PetSafe Gentle Leader as there are a whole lot of varieties to choose from. Most typical collar harness causes neck strain over time, but the design of the PetSafe Gentle Leader is such that these challenges are reduced to the barest minimum. Overall, the harness is good for its price considering the fact that it comes with a training DVD.


  • Strong and durable
  • Really affordable compared to others in its class
  • Wide varieties of colors and sizes to choose from
  • Can support largest dog up to 130 plus lbs of weight
  • Adjustable nylon straps with neoprene padded nose loop
  • Also avoids unwanted behaviours including lunging, jumping and barking
  • Training DVD included


  • Dogs can easily pull it off their head with their paws if not properly fitted

Wiggles Wags & Whiskers Freedom No-Pull Harness

Wiggles Wags & Whiskers Freedom No-Pull HarnessThe freedom no pull harness is designed to eliminate pulling, chance of escape and neck strain. It’s actually a dual design featuring both front and back harness mechanism. You will want to test during training to know which works best for your dog. We already explained the various types of harness available and how to know which is best suitable for your dog. So you may know the exact leash to pull depending on the situation.

The back harness seats just between the shoulders and provides room for your dog to walk straight without noticing any restriction. It adjusts gently by tightening around the chest during pulling.

There are a whole lots of sizes and color available for choices. In fact there are up to 12 sizes and 12 color available. The harness can support dog size up to 200+ lbs.

All edges of the harness are turned inside to avoid sharp edges thereby reducing the chances of irritation on the skin most harness cause.


  • Affordable harness
  • Multi-system harness providing both back harness for no pulling and front harness for training
  • Wide varieties of colors and sizes to choose from
  • Can support largest dog up to 200 plus lbs of weight
  • Strong and durable material


  • Difficulty of finding the best size that will just fit into your dog because of the wide range of sizes.

Weiss Walkie No Pull Dog Leash

Weiss Walkie No Pull Dog LeashThe Weiss Walkie no pull dog leash work just as a typical dog harness. The leash features a back harness which fits around the dog’s chest. It applies a gentle pressure on the chest just immediately when it begins to pull.

Unfortunately, there are not much choices available. You can choose just from eight colors and five sizes. This has been a little challenge. Unlike the normal leashes, there are no much clasps and buckles which makes it a right choice for longer haired breed dogs.

The leash can be a bit loosed so that your dog can easily find their way off, so you would want to watch out for that. We thought it will be right for you to know that they are also short – this reduces the ability of your pet to have a wider range of movement.


  • Affordable harness
  • Gently stops your dog from pulling
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Few clasps and buckles than a normal harness leash


  • Appears loosed, so sometimes your dog can wiggle off the leash
  • Shorter than normal harness leashes

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

PetSafe Easy Walk HarnessPetsafe easy walk harness offers a suitable design that eliminates choking on the throat. It features a front harness for leash attachment. The strap rest just along the pet’s belly and chest and not on the throat. The no pull force causes your dog to tilt off the front thereby avoiding pull.

Even though it comes in different sizes, it also features four adjustment points enabling it to fit into your dog. There is a wide range of sizes to choose from, but it’s advisable to measure your dog accurately before purchasing. The chart attached at the side of this review is provided by the company and will help you know the exact size that will fit into your dog.


  • Affordable harness
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Easy to put on and pull off your dog
  • Made from durable and strong nylon webbing
  • Awesome customer’s care assistant from the manufacturers
  • Features a four adjustment points enabling it to fit into your dog


  • If your dog chew a lot, then this is not the right option. However, there is a guarantee for replacement on such instances.

CoolPets Dog Harness Leash

CoolPets Dog Harness LeashMade from the best quality materials, the coolpet dog harness features a double layered fabrics made from an outer anti-wear nylon and a soft diving fabrics lining ensuring a snug fit on your dog’s sensitive armpit. This structure helps to prevent chew and choke.

This dog harness comes with an adjustable 47.24 (120cm) long leash also made from luxury nylon. Its reflective making it suitable for night walks. The harness also features a Zinc alloy material quick snap buckle and rings making it difficult to corrode thereby increasing its durability. If you have ever had challenges with your pet chewing up their leashes, then the coolpet dog harness is here to correct it. It’s strong, durable yet gentle on your dog’s skin. There’s no doubt this is one of the best dog leash for pulling available.

It works as a back attachment harness pulling your dog towards you every time there’s a pull. It’s a recommended choice by many dog trainers and owners.

Available in just 3 sizes, but its adjustable features ensures you get the right size. Important tips before buying – make sure to get the accurate measurement of your dog to determine which size will fit in. there’s a sizing chart to guide you in this selection.


  • Can be used as a dog harness and also used as a dog leash
  • Double layered harness with soft inner lining which is gentle on skin
  • Comes with a 120cm long leash
  • Durability
  • 3 sizes with adjustable features for a wider range of dogs
  • Anticorrosive hardware


  • It is only available in just 2 colors

The Verdict

We have successfully review 5 of the best dog harness for pulling we have found. Just like we have mention previously, the choice of harness should be determined based on the activeness and characteristic of your dog, also you want to consider purpose. However, back attachment harness are the most recommended by dog trainers and owners. From all the best no pull dog leash we have reviewed, we pick the CoolPets Dog Harness Leash. Comparing features and price with other leashes in same class, it is worth your investment. From amazon online store, the products have had lots of positive feedback and satisfied customers.

How To Train Your Dog Not To Pull

Now it’s exciting here. You have finally gotten the best material for controlling your dog: by this we mean your no pull harness and leash. It’s time to train your dog how to master the newly introduced no pull leash.

You need to understand that dogs varies with intelligence, so while some breeds may take a bit longer to get used to the leash, some might just take a few practice. Firstly, you must learn to keep it brief and simple.

Always go along with a treat, this will help grab his attention and perhaps reward him for obedience. You can start first walking him around your yard where there’s little distraction.

Then if you are satisfied, you can start getting set to hit the street. Decide which side you would prefer to walk your dog. Basically, your left side is traditional. Always reward him with the treat by placing it right by your thigh on that side you choose. Do this frequently, and soon your dog will soon get used to walking just close to your side, after all, that’s where he gets his rewards.

When starting off with this exercise for the first time, always make the walk brief to avoid stressing your dog until he gradually gets used to it. While carrying out this exercise, always look for some words you would love your dog to get used to or body reactions like slap your thigh. All these ensures you get the attention.

Do this exercise often, and soon you will gain control over your dog.

Feel free to make your personal choice based on what you know is best for your dog. If you have any recommendation or inquiries, we would be happy to listen to you. Feel free to leave us a message or use the comment box.


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