best wooden dog cratesDogs always love to take security in the comfort of a suitable enclosure around your home. While most creative dog owners have been able to find a suitable shed by crafting alternatives, it will be awesome to get your pet a shed specifically designed for that purpose.

One of such is the wooden dog create. If you are really serious in getting the best out of your dog during housebreaking, then getting a dog create is paramount. Providing dog creates for your dog also helps improve your dog’s intelligence and behaviour. Some enthusiasts’ claim that it helps avoid separation anxiety your dog may face.

Apart from these, wooden dog crates also help protect him from dangerous exposure such as electrical wires, chemicals just to mention a few.

Typically, it doesn’t take much time of training to get used to the crate. There have been success between few days to 3 weeks depending on your dog’s intelligent. Once your dog have been housebroken, it becomes accustomed to using it anytime. You could always leave it open as it now takes it as its personal shed.

There are different types of dog crates depending on the type of material used. Basically, there is the wooden dog crate and the metal dog crate. Wooden dog crates are actually best suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Since they are not as heavy as metals, you can always take them along for a trip or vacation. One great advantage is that they are more affordable. You could get some of the best wooden dog crates under $400. Luckily, we reviewed some of the best and affordable ones here.

Review of the best wooden dog crates

We will review some of the best wooden dog crates briefly. Our picks are based on careful selection and customer’s feedback. We will also consider price and quality of the material used which is one of the factors of longevity. We will highlight some of the pros and cons associated with each products as provided by customer’s review. In no definite order, we will review the following dog crates.

Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set

best wooden dog cratesMerry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set is one great product recommended for its durability and price. Even though it’s not the cheapest in the market, we think it’s just great for its price considering its choice of material. It’s made from solid mahogany wood veneer and the corners are made from powdered coated steel of large wire gauge of 4.33 mm.

The base comes in a plastic removable tray that can be taken out for cleaning. It can be disassembled into smaller compartment in case of travel purpose. You can use it both as a dog crate and also a side table. It is available in three sizes depending on the size of your dog. There are basically:

Small Size: 27″ Length x 20 5/8″ Width x 22 1/2″ Height
Medium Size: 32 1/2″ Length x 21 5/8″ Width x 23 3/8″ Height
Large Size: 44 1/2″ Length x 30″ Width x 31 1/2″ Height

With its awesome surface finishing, material and size choice, you can be rest assure of quality.


  • Quality Mahogany wood design with well-polished attractive surface finishing
  • Comes with a plastic detachable tray for easy cleaning
  • 3 basic sizes to make a choice
  • Multi-function product that serves both as a dog crate and a side stool
  • The dog crate function even without the wooden part which enables it serve as a carriage
  • Metal part is made from quality and coated metal
  • Its base is compatible with appropriate dog bed for better comfort of your dog


  • The roof cover is not firm on the supports, so it could easily be knocked off during vigorous handling, same applies for other wooded parts.
  • Majority of customers only complained about the material. Personally, we thought they could have improved on the material and sturdiness.

Casual Home Pet Crate

Casual Home Pet CrateThe multi-colored end table design crate comes sturdy and highly affordable. All its component are designed from high end quality material. If you are looking out for one of the best dog crates for the money, then the casual home pet crate would just be a great choice. Personally, we love the fact that it’s affordable so that anyone with low budget under $200 could have one in their home.

There are three colors to choose from ranging from white, black and espresso. Another thing we love and has also been commended by other customers is its sturdiness. Even though it could be easily assembled and disassembled, it still stand firm, but not with aggressive dogs anyway.

The sizes available are:

Small: 24 inches high x 27.5 inches wide x 20 inches height

Large: 36.5 inches length x 24 inches width x 27.75 inches height


  • Affordable compared to other wooded dog crates its size
  • Comes with multiple vent which provides for adequate ventilation
  • Great colors to suit your home furniture
  • Lockable gate to keep your pet under control in your absence
  • Nice surface finishing that gives it an attractive look
  • The base of each size is standard such that you could easily get a dog bed to fit in
  • The construction is sturdy and durable as confirmed by other satisfied customers


  • Made from hevea wood which is not of good quality and could be easily chewed off by stronger dogs
  • Not strong enough since there are no metal parts
  • Comes with only 2 size, small and large.

Overall, It’s an awesome dog crate for those with low budget, but we recommend for only calm and non-aggressive dogs.

Richell Wooden End-Table Crate

Richell Wooden End-Table CrateNo doubt the Richell wooden end table will make our list of best dog crates. Even though its price seems high, we gave it a thumbs up after considering its features and material selection. Unfortunately, Richell wooden end table doesn’t give us a choice to make selection – it comes with just only one color and even have only basically two sizes to choose from unlike others of same price with an options of 3 sizes.

The dark chocolate color dog crate is sturdy and durable, made from soft polished wood. It also allows the user to use the top as a stool. The base is a plastic material easily detachable by pulling/sliding it out – this is an advantage for easy cleaning. The crate is polished and gives an attractive surface finishing.

The basic sizes available are:

Medium: 25 Length x 31.1 width x 24 Height inches

Large: 29.9 Length x 41.5 width x 29.5 Height inches


  • The Richell wooden dog crate is a multipurpose product which can act as a dog crate and also as a table for storing personal things
  • The base is a removable tray which is an advantage for easy cleaning
  • The size of the base can suit different sizes of dog bed to provide comfort for your pet
  • It features a door stopper so the door remains open for easy access in and out.
  • It comes in an awesome and sparking finishing. The color will fit your home interior designs
  • It’s well ventilated and the opening provides 360 degree views


  • Compared to its features, the crate is expensive
  • The base is made of removable plastic which we thought should have been improved on with a better material

Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table

Richell Wooden End-Table CrateNo doubt this is one awesome products that would make our list of best wooden dog crate. It features a sturdy and attractive construction made from hard wood. If you think your dog chew off any wood it comes in contact with, then you got yourself covered with the Crown pet wooded crate.

The door hinges are designed to rotate through 180 degrees paving way for the door to swing inside so it is out of the way. It is available in medium and large size. The large sized crate is big and wide enough to accommodate any large dog. Every side is well ventilated providing 360 view with multiple vents. Unlike other wooden dog crates of same class, the crown pet crate features a waterproof melamine-covered MDF floor – this provides easy cleaning and absorption of spilled liquids and odour which of course is necessary for your dog’s health.

The sizes available are:

Medium: 29.7″ Length x 21″ Width x 24.2″ Height

Large: 39.6″ Length x 27.2″ Width x 27.3″ Height


  • Available in three finishes Mahogany, Chestnut Brown and Espresso finishes. to suit your home decor preference
  • Made from quality hard wood which is durable and contributes to its sturdiness
  • 180 degree door rotation so it doesn’t get in the way
  • The floor is made from soft waterproof melamine material for comfort, easy cleaning and hygiene
  • The top can serve as a table: choose either to decorate it or place your books
  • Comes in 2 sizes to accommodate your pet up to 80 pounds
  • Metal lock from the outside to keep your dog protected


  • Considering the price, it’s a bit expensive. However, seems great since it comes with its own dog bed
  • Not easy to assemble except you have prior experience before.
  • If your dog is extremely aggressive, he could chew off the wooded parts used as vents

Rhino Wicker Pet Residence

Rhino Wicker Pet ResidenceNo doubt this crate is commended for its fancy appearance, but before we thoroughly review this crate, we’d love to give a little heads up – the Rhino Wicker Pet Residence dog create is just suitable from calm pet. For an aggressive dog, it’s a no for us even though it’s stated on the sales page about its carriage capacity being 100 pounds.

The Rhino Wicker Pet Residence crate will not absorb fluids or odor. This is an advantage to your dog’s hygiene. The base is made of tough pan which is elevated by means of its supports.

Buyers are given lots of option to make a choice depending on size of their dog and color preference. The sizes available are:

Small: 24″ length x 18″ wide x 21″ high

Large: 36″ length x 24″ wide x 27″ high

Xlarge: 42″ length x 28″ wide x 31″ high


  • Features a two way door that opens in and out
  • Compared to other crates its class, its more affordable
  • Double tough pan base which is easy to clean
  • It’s available in different colors from Brown and Dark Brown to Tan
  • The crate is light weight which makes it a choice for travel and vacation
  • The base is elevated to avoid scratches underneath the base
  • Extra-large size to accommodate the biggest dog up to 100 pounds


  • Only 2 sided opening provided for ventilation and view
  • The lightweight is a disadvantage as it makes it unsuitable for aggressive dogs

Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate

Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and GateOne outstanding feature of the 2 in 1 pet crate is the fact that it could serve as a pet crate and also disassembled and used as a gate. So you can always guard your pet and restrict him to a portion of area. This automatically means that it doesn’t requires difficulty in assembling and disassembling.

Just like the features of most wooden dog crate, the merry2-in-1 also enables the user to use the top as a table. It features a removable plastic tray which functions as the base, hence easy cleaning and improved hygiene.

The high improved security is contributed by the presence of a metal lock outside to keep your dog restricted whenever necessary.

Basically, there are just only two sizes available ranging from:

Medium: 29” height x 19” width x 22.8” height

Large: 40” height x 28 width x 31.5” height


  • It’s affordable, one of the cheapest wooden dog crates reviewed here
  • Features a 2-in-1 function which serves as a crate and a gate
  • Top surface used for storing things
  • Available in two medium and large sizes to accommodate the size of any pet
  • Adequate opening for vent and 360 view
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Awesome surface finishing. Gives your home decor a blend
  • Vents fence made with metal gauge, so it’s durable and assured of longevity since your dog won chew it off


  • I wouldn’t recommend for dogs that are aggressive because the weight isn’t strong enough for resistance
  • For such a 2-in1 crate that features a gate configuration, we expected the hinges to be of better quality

Simply Plus Deluxe Wooden Dog Crate

Simply Plus Deluxe Wooden Dog CrateThe simply plus deluxe dog crate is one of the best dog crate under $100. It’s just amazing considering the price. It’s made from New Zealand Pine Solid Wood. Even though it’s new to the market, it has proven to beat its competitors of same class.

You also have a wide range of choice to choose from depending on the size. It comes in 3 sizes:

Small: 25.2” Length x 20.5” width x 22.8” height

Medium: 37.4” Length x 25.8” width x 26” height

Large: 46” Length x 26.4” width x 29” height

Just like most of the wooden dog crates available, it’s plastic base slides off for easy cleaning.

We love the sturdy construction and strong metal gauge design. Though there’s no choice for color selection, the dark mocha brown color crate will just fit in to your indoor furniture. We won’t also forget go give credits to the easy assembling. The simply plus deluxe dog crate is specially designed to suit a wide varieties of dog breeds. You will need to know your dog size before selecting.


  • Really affordable. One of the most affordable wooden crate available
  • Quality wood and metal tray base
  • Easy assembling of the parts
  • Three size options to choose from
  • Sliding and detachable base for easy cleaning
  • Wire gauge fence to avoid your pets from chewing off the vents


  • Just only one color option
  • There’s no top cover, so it will only be cool for a tiny dog or puppy. This is the basic down side of the crate.

The Verdict

After reviewing most of the best wooden dog crates in the market, we finally choose the CROWN PET TABLE. Though it’s a bit expensive, it will certainly last considering the material selection. Made from quality hard wood which is durable and contributes to its sturdiness. A little study on customer’s review from amazon shows that majority of the customers are happy with the product. As of the time of reviewing this product, it has accumulated a total of 200 plus feedback with a 4.5 star overall rating. One of the satisfied customer’s wrote:

“I love my dog kennels from Crown Pet Products. They look like furniture and fit right into my living room decor. I was able to assemble both crates by myself. When I opened my boxes, the tops of the crates had cracks in them. I emailed Crown Pets, and they sent me two new tops! What great service! I would certainly recommend these crates and Crown Pet Products.” – Angela S. C. (Amazon Review)

Factors For Picking The Best Wooden Dog Crate For Your Pet

Whether you are shopping for the first time or have a prior experience in furniture shopping, you may just get it wrong while shopping for dog crates because they are a whole lot of them out there and can be confusing. But we will give you a head up and clue for some factors to watch out for while shopping for dog crates.

Consider the size: basically most products give a choice for the buyer to select based on size. You would get an option to choose between small, medium, large and even extra-large. Before making a choice, you would want to know how much your dog weighs and its size.

Material Choice: This in fact should be one of the first factor to consider. This is responsible for its longevity. Generally, hard wood especially those made from mahogany tends to be durable and sturdy. If your dog loves to chew anything it comes in contact with, then you should opt in for crates made with both wooden frames and metal vents.

Other bells and whistles: some attractive factors will make your investment worth it. Some factors we may consider awesome includes; multi-purpose uses, removable base tray, 180 degree door hinges, good ventilation etc.

We hope you will be able to find the best wooden dog crate for your pet with our review. Let us know what you think or perhaps if you have had experience using any of the reviewed products, we’d love to hear your feedback.


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